Where We Stand

A new economy means new transport systems

The state of our roads and our lack of public transport options is costing Australians money. Lots of money in fact. More than our country can afford. The mining boom is over and Australia has no choice but to modernise its economy. But new ideas can‘t run on old roads and rail systems. Keep Australia Moving is your chance to tell your candidate you want the next Australian Government to invest in transport, because your job, your business, and your family‘s safety depend on it.


Affordable, safer transport for Australian families

The federal government says traffic congestion last year cost each person living in major capital city $1000. And travel times are predicted to get worse. Congestion is a productivity-killing time-waster. Think of the time you could be spending with your family, or the time you could be investing into paid work, or growing your business. The need to do something is urgent.


Australia needs more affordable transport options

A new Australian economy won‘t flourish with heavy taxes on motoring. At around $193 a week, transport is the third largest household expense! In 2013-14, road related taxes and charges totalled almost $28 billion.


Australia deserves safer roads

Stronger funding for transport infrastructure means safer roads. Last year, more than 1,200 Australians lost their lives on the road. A further 30,000 Australians were seriously injured in car crashes. The social and personal costs are real and enormous. But so too are the economic costs – it is estimated that these accidents cost the Australian community $27 billion a year. Safer roads save lives and money.


Who we are

The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) is the national body representing Australia‘s state-based motoring clubs, which possess a combined membership of around eight million Australians. The AAA is an apolitical advocate committed to ensuring transport is safe, affordable, properly-funded and able to deliver for the community and the economy. We stand for stronger funding for transport infrastructure to keep Australia moving.